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Roche lays foundation stone for highest building in Switzerland

Roche is about to realize the biggest building project in its 115 year history. The office tower in Basel will be 178 meters high and surmount the Zürich Prime Tower, the currently highest building in Switzerland, by 52 meters.

The new building will house over 2000 workers.
The new building will house over 2000 workers.

What matters about «Bau 1» is not records but function, said President of the Board Franz Humer during the laying of the foundation stone on Wednesday. The building will cost CHF550 million and will house over 2000 workers, who are currently spread all over Basel, in its 42 floors. Employees from the sectors research, development, production and marketing will work in the new building.

The structural work will be finished in December 2014 and the tower ready in the second half of 2015. The Basel star architects Herzog & de Meuron designed the «Bau 1». This is their fourth project for Roche.

Roche counts the investment as a sign of confidence in Basel, where the pharma and diagnostics group employs around 9000 of its 80'000 employees worldwide. Humer is convinced that Switzerland will remain one of the best spots for science and innovation, as long as the currently existing advantages continue to be developed.


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