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Man shoots at wife and mother-in-law

A 33 year old man fired a gun at his wife and mother-in-law onMonday night in Perlen LU and badly injured both. Soon after, he was found shot dead. As of yet, the circumstances of his death are unclear.

The incident happened on Tuesday shortly before 10pm in the mother-in-law's apartment, according to the department of public prosecution. Both women were taken to nearby hospitals by ambulance and Rega, where they underwent emergency surgery. The condition of the 26 year old wife is critical, the 50 year old mother-in-law is indicated as stable.

The man fled after the incident and was pursued by the wife's two brothers. At 10.11pm, the alleged perpetrator was found dead by the police close to the site of crime. His two brothers-in-law were with him, disclosed Simon Kopp, speaker of the department of public prosecution. The circumstances of the man's death are still unclear. According to Kopp, the possibilities of suicide, accident or the brothers-in-law's involvement are being investigated.

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