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Delayed opening of Berlin airport has consequences for Swiss

The delay to the opening of Berlin's new airport until after the summer is having an impact on Swiss International Air Lines (Swiss).

The new Berlin airport had been due to open on 3 June.
The new Berlin airport had been due to open on 3 June.

As the carrier is still having to use the old airport at Tegel, it has had to reprint its timetables, which displayed the name of the new airport and new flight numbers. All tickets were having to be reissued and customers informed, Swiss spokeswoman Myriam Ziesack said on Tuesday. Flight times had not changed, she said. Swiss has not yet calculated the additional costs. The carrier's parent company, Lufthansa, was understanding towards the delay caused by technical problems, the news agency dpa reported. «Chaos such as that experienced at London's Heathrow airport should not be repeated here», a senior Lufthansa official was quoted as saying. A number of flights were cancelled and luggage was misplaced when Heathrow opened its fifth terminal in 2008.

The new airport had been due to open on 3 June.

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